Harley Davidson Bike Night

I was fortunate enough on Thursday night to head to Frasers Motorcycles Wollongong for their Harley Davidson Bike Night. Along with some of the members of the local South Coast HOG chapter to hang out, talk bikes and check out Frasers extensive array of bikes and accessories.

Being the only Triumph rider in attendance I was made to feel welcome by all who attended from the group members to Frasers friendly staff. A couple of people did suggest that perhaps I should think about purchasing a new Harley, which was to be expected but they were still happy to talk bikes in general. One gentleman couldn’t wait to tell me that even know he ans his wife rides Harley’s, he took great pleasure that he still owned a Ducati GT1000 Sport and how he still enjoys getting time alone to ride it. Some pizza and a couple of beers, good conversation and of course motorcycles made it a good night. My thanks to Frasers Motorcycles Wollongong for their hospitality.


Triumph Daytona 765

It’s coming, a road going version of the Moto2 track weapon. The Triumph Daytona 765. Expected for release in 2020. More details are due to come out in August but at this time by all the teaser pics it looks to be the successful Moto2 triple engine and chassis, a race bike for the road. It also seems to be a limited edition run of just 765 to be built so first in best dressed. I’m sure enquires and orders have already been sourced from the public looking to own such an awsome machine, so if you are interested don’t wait to long.

When further details are released I’ll keep you posted. Frank Triple ✌🏍

Review: Ogio Stealth Tail Bag

It was just a simple and practical way of getting rid of using a backpack. What a great idea it has become. A little over 12 months of use with the Ogio Stealth tail bag and I am very happy with my choice. I wanted something compact enough and universal to use with any kind of bike and any bike brand.

The Ogio Stealth tail bag easily expands its main compartment to around a 20L capacity, it has a carry handle as well as it’s own rain cover which conveniently tucks away in it’s own zip pocket. There are two side pockets for smaller items. More importantly comes with its very own attached neoprene mat which grips very well to your motorcycle seat. There’s four individual straps which go under your seat and the four clip fasteners makes it easy to take on and off.

I’ve found the Ogio tail bag to be very handy for what I need, from day trips to commuting it works well and is well built. I even picked up a cargo net to which I can add some gear on top of the bag which can free up some extra space inside. For the brand orientainted sports bikes riders out there Ogio offer the same bag with Daienese branding on the outside and a beautiful red interior to really stand out from the crowd. A handy tail bag for anyone looking to carry their gear near or far. ✌🏍 Frank Triple

A Reminder

Just a friendly reminder when riding your motorcycle, don’t fucking die. Motorcycling can be dangerous we all know that, but the rewards of riding, for me far outweigh the dangers. It’s difficult to explain to people who don’t ride what it’s like to be onboard a motorcycle. We can go through all the usual cliche sayings, wind in the hair, the feeling of freedom, blah blah blah. The true feeling/sensation of riding a motorcycle means different things to different people. To the uneducated though they are known as death machines. Yes, we know that. There is enough distractions and dangers out there on the road. We know our bikes, we know our abilities and we know how to control them, and yes we know how quick things can change.

Motorcycling is not, of itself inherently dangerous. It is however extremely unforgiving of inattention, ignorance, incompetence or stupidity. So true, and a more articulate way of stating the obvious. Don’t Fucking Die. ✌😎🏍

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Motorcycle Ride 28th June

I had a basic idea of the route I wanted to take, I had a quick look at google maps a few days prior because i was planning to do this ride yesterday (Thursday) but due to some serious overnight rain and then waking up to soaking wet roads I postponed it for 24hrs. Come Friday morning the weather was great and the roads dry so it was time to get going.

I left home making a straight line of mainly freeway riding heading for Albion Park to fuel up The Red Devil. From there I took a right turn and headed up Macquarie Pass. I noticed as I headed up the pass that most of the road and subsequent corners were very wet, only some corner exposed to full sunlight were dry. So with some caution I made my way up the pass and took the opportunity to stop and take some pics on the second hairpin. Pictures sorted I jumped back on the bike and continued on my way. I headed past the iconic Robertson Pie Shop which was packed with bikes for work day, (Nice one boys and girls).

I sat on a comfortable speed, enjoying the quiet roads and the glorious winters day. I took my left hand turn off the Illawarra Highway and began to head down towards Kangaroo Valley. Some of that section of road left a lot to be desired with one unseen bump leaving me gasping for air and my voice a whole octive higher. I then began to decend into Kangaroo Valley with some parts of the road still quite wet making the hairpins slow and steady. I soon made it to Hampden Bridge, a medieval looking single lane bridge which provided a great photo opportunity.

More pics and a good stretch and I was off again with the town of Berry in mind, in need of a coffee and a doughnut from the famous Berry Doughnut Van. Taking in the sights and sounds of the day I ascended and then decended Cambewarra Mountain heading for Berry, again with a little caution on some of the damp corners. I take a left at the bottom near Bomaderry and soon enough ride into the town of Berry. I found a perfect VIP parking spot bang on front of the van. Armed with a coffee and two doughnuts I found a sweet spot out of the way and in the sun. The coffee was good and the doughnuts, say no more they were bang on as always. After a lengthy break I jumped back on The Red Devil and headed for home.

The final leg of the day’s ride was mostly made up of freeway riding with a great cruising speed. Todays ride was fantastic, all up a 200.4km loop with some nice twisty roads and awsome weather, as well as coffee, doughnuts and my motorcycle.

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2018 MS Gong Ride

This was a personal challenge for me that’s been a long time coming, and on Sunday the 4th of November I competed and completed that challenge. I took part in the 2018 MS Sydney to Gong Ride, the full 82km. The final decision was made more than a year ago when I took up riding again as exercise and as a means to cope with the struggles of mental illness. I just began to ride as much as possible around my shift work schedule, not necessarily setting the world on fire with a super pace but enough to keep the body and brain turning over. Fast forward 16 months and the day had arrived.

The weather, thankfully was dry so I caught an early train to Tempe to be there in plenty of time for my 6am start. I had my rest and food stops planned in my mind and off I set when the flags dropped at 6 for the first roll out. It was an awsome feeling riding in amongst such a colourful pack surrounded by beautiful bikes, but time to focus and pace myself. So all I thought of was getting to Loftus Oval (approx 23kms). Riding along Brighton Le Sands and over Captain Cook Bridge was great and a first time for me and in due time I arrived at Loftus Oval. A quick coffee and a muffin to refuel and I was off again with Waterfall my next stop. Still feeling ok in the legs and focused on moving forward before I knew it I was at Waterfall (35km). A refill of my water bottle and an energy gel because I knew that my hardest section was to come. So off through The National Park with Bald Hill as my next planned stop. As I and many others began our decent (approx 10km) into The National Park I skipped the next stop at Red Cedar Flats preferring to continue and as they say what goes down must come up and sure enough we began to gradually ascend our way up and out. Still feeling ok and focusing on one pedal stroke at a time I found what I thought would be the most difficult section was also the most picturesque part of the ride. With great relief to me and my legs I made it out and arrived at Bald Hill at Stanwell Park, 53km in and over half way. Plenty more water and a muesli bar and off I went again with the finish line in Wollongong as my next stop. I have ridden a motorcycle over the Sea Cliff bridge many times but riding a bicycle over this time was a different kind of satisfaction. Still taking in as much as this scenic ride was on offer I was beginning to hurt very badly, feeling a lot of pain in my legs and very low in energy, so I had to pull over in Bulli for a quick sugar hit made up of a energy bar and a can of Coke. Freshened up and a deep breath I set off for the finish line (11km left). With a renewed sense of achievement I rode on to the finish line with a smile which became bigger as I crossed the finish line and I received my medal, 82km done.

Personal challenge completed and some how now feeling no pain. I couldn’t be happier, it was for a great cause and something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and yes I will do it again next year. ✌ #BMBC


Total Distance 82km

Moving Time 4:05:08

Average Speed 20.1km

Elevation Gain 1026m

Equipment used, cheap Progear mountain/city bike which popped and creaked in a certain gear but she got me there with a smile on my face so thats what’s important.