Ride Log 181km

Big day, I planned to do my Southern Highlands Loop only a couple of days before. I have done this loop on many occasions but it has been a while and I needed a change in scenery.

I started by heading south from my house and so it was going to be an up, across and down adventure.

So up to the town of Robertson, and a quick stop for coffee at Elways. And they did not dissapoint. I then continued on down to Kangaroo Valley and down to Nowra before turning left and heading to Berry. After a quick stop to hydrate and stretch the legs I then decide to shoot across to Gerringong as a small detour before heading back home.

Such a great ride, such good weather and 181km of pure enjoyment.

Today 181km Total 1735km

Ride Log 99km

This ride was a long time coming, well long time in biking terms. After spending six straight dayshifts straight into five nightahifts I was absolutely stuffed, exhausted.

So a ride was in order to clear out the brain fuzz and to regenerate mind, body and soul.

I did my usual loop of the Nasho and stopped off at Bald Hill for a quick break. While there I was fortunate enough to me one of my fellow followers Beryl who also stopped off for a quick break. It was great to meet her and talk all things bikes and riding.

After that I headed for home via the coast road. I really enjoyed my ride today and especially meeting Beryl to chat and break up my ride. FrankTriple

Today 99km Total 1554km

Ride Log      145km

Started off very early this morning. First spot I was heading for was to film another Cars and Coffee at Heathcote. So after grabbing a much needed coffee I began to walk around and record some of the most beautiful four wheeled eye candy.

From there I moved on to my usual filming point in the Nasho, but of course I didn’t take the direct route I took the scenic run through the Nasho to get there and I spent around 2 hours filming lots of beautiful bikes and and cars coming through that particular corner for future videos.

So after that It was time to head home but I did feel the need to ride again before what was going to be a busy week at work. So I did, from there across to the Old Princess Hwy back to Waterfall and down into the Nasho Park again for lap 2 which was surprisingly quiet again for a Saturday, then continued home.

Good day for a ride, great weather for some filming so why not combine the two. FrankTriple ✌🏍

Today 145km Total 1455km

Ride Log         53km

After more then about a week of constant rain today was the day, the day the sun decided to make am appearance. So it was the day I had to take The Red Devil out for a spin.

So because of other things that needed to be done it was going to be a quick ride but a ride none the less. It ended up being after dinner and after the way the weather has been I couldn’t really explore many of my usual roads so it was just a simple one. FrankTriple.

Today 53km Total 1310km

Triumph Project TE1

Story from Triumph UK website


Triumph Motorcycles announces a unique collaboration with UK industry experts, academic leaders and Innovate UK, to develop specialist electric motorcycle technology and innovative integrated solutions. This two-year project, in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd, and WMG, at the University of Warwick, will provide significant input into potential future electric motorcycle offers from Triumph.

Triumph TE


Triumph Motorcycles, Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd.’s 
e-Drive Division, and WMG, at the University of Warwick

Supported and co-funded by the UK government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), via Innovate UK

A two-year project focused on developing electric motorcycle capabilities, providing an input into Triumph’s future electric motorcycle offer

Driving innovation, capability and new intellectual property, enhancing the credibility and profile of British industry and design.

This new collaboration will combine Triumph’s globally-renowned motorcycle expertise with advanced automotive-based capabilities to generate technological innovation for future electric motorcycles.

“This new collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for Triumph and its partners to be leaders in the technology that will enable the electrification of motorcycles, which is driven by customers striving to reduce their environmental impact, combined with the desire for more economical transportation, and changing legislation,” said Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO. “Project Triumph TE-1 is one part of our electric motorcycle strategy, focused on delivering what riders want and expect from their Triumph, which is the perfect balance of handling, performance and usability.”


Project Triumph TE-1 now represents a ground-breaking collaboration between Triumph Motorcycles and the UK’s electrification experts, each of whom will create innovations in their own areas:

Triumph Motorcycles will lead the project, providing advanced motorcycle chassis design and engineering expertise, manufacturing excellence and pioneering functional safety systems, as well as defining electric drivetrain power delivery characteristics.

Williams Advanced Engineering will provide industry-leading lightweight battery design and integration capability, using its test and development facilities to deliver an innovative battery management system combined with vehicle control unit.

Integral Powertrain Ltd.’s e-Drive Division will lead the development of bespoke power-dense electric motors and a silicon carbide inverter, integrating both into a singular motor housing.

WMG, at the University of Warwick will provide electrification expertise, and the critical vision to drive innovation from R&D to commercial impact, through modelling and simulation based on future market needs.

Innovate UK, the government agency that promotes science and technology programmes expected to grow the UK economy, will support the partners and administer funds. This forms part of the BEIS modern funding strategy with the aim of creating a market-leading UK electric vehicle capability.


The project will be organised into four main phases, with one of its key aims being increased systems integration. By developing individual components of automotive-based electric drivetrains and optimising them into innovative combined units, the project aims to deliver sophisticated electric motorcycle systems which reduce mass, complexity and package requirements.

Triumph Motorcycles will work alongside the partner organisations to accelerate joint expertise in the packaging and safety of batteries, optimum electric motor sizing and packaging, the integration of braking systems including regenerative braking, and advanced safety systems. The innovation and capabilities developed in these areas will input into Triumph’s future electric motorcycle strategy.

The Project Triumph TE-1 partnership, with the support of Innovate UK, is focused on facilitating the creation of:

Electric motorcycle capability that meets the needs of customers seeking lower environmental impact transportation, delivering against the UK’s focus on reducing emissions

Strong, commercially viable and sustainable partnerships with UK industry manufacturers 
and supply chains

Expertise and capability within the UK workforce, creating jobs and a talent base that both ensures sustainable employment and drives the UK’s reputation and influence on the world stage.

“The team at Williams Advanced Engineering is looking forward to applying our expertise in the electrification of transport with our partners,” said Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering.  “Williams has powered a number of world-renowned electric vehicles already and this will be a significant further step in our work by taking that knowledge onto two wheels.”

“Integral Powertrain has always pushed the boundaries of e-drive technology working with clients to find the best solution to meet their exact requirements”, said Andrew Cross, Chief Technical Officer at Integral Powertrain Ltd. “This project will draw upon the extensive motor and EV experience gained over the past 20 years working with major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive and motorsport sectors. We are extremely pleased to be supporting Triumph Motorcycles with their future electrification strategy and in a project where we can apply our experience to engineer an extremely power dense, efficient and highly integrated motorcycle electric drive.”

“Electric motorcycles will have a vital role to play in future transport across the globe – delivering reduced congestion and improved urban air quality as well as easing parking. They will also be great to ride, with copious, easily controlled torque delivered smoothly at all road speeds. WMG has experience of battery technology and vehicle electrification for road, rail, sea and air which it will bring to this exciting sector. Our expert team will lead the modelling and simulation work within the project, to ensure the vehicles are safe and efficient without compromise to dynamic performance.” Professor David Greenwood, Professor, Advanced Propulsion Systems at WMG, University of Warwick.

Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer said “Our future product strategy is focused on delivering the most suitable engine platforms for the changing landscape of customer needs, and we see a Triumph electric powertrain as a significant requirement alongside our signature twin and triple cylinder engines. As part of our electric motorcycle initiative, Project Triumph TE-1 represents an exciting collaboration that will provide valuable input into our future line-up. We are incredibly pleased to have the support of OLEV and Innovate UK, and to be working together with the UK’s electrification experts and academic leaders, in an endeavour that ultimately is focused on the future prosperity of British industry, and the future of motorcycling.”

Sabine Schmitz ‘Queen of the Ring’

Story by Luke Smith of Autosport

Sabine Schmitz, affectionally known as the ‘Queen of the Nurburgring’, has died at the age of 51 following a long battle with cancer.

Schmitz became the first woman to win the Nurburgring 24 Hours in 1996, taking two victories in the historic sportscar race before enjoying a long career intrinsically linked to the circuit, as well as becoming known for her features on BBC programme Top Gear.

In a statement issued by Frikadelli Racing – the team she founded with her husband Klaus Abbelen – it was announced that Schmitz had lost her long battle against cancer and died at the age of 51 on Tuesday.

“Sabine Schmitz (14.5.1969 – 16.3.2021) passed away yesterday (Tuesday) after her brave fight against cancer,” the team wrote on social media.

“She was 51 years old. Klaus Abbelen and all relatives and friends are deeply saddened by the immeasurable loss.”

Schmitz made history at the Nurburgring as the first female overall winner of the 24-hour race in 1996 before taking a second victory the following year.

She broke further ground in 1998, when she become the first woman to win the VLN Endurance Championship title in Germany.

Having grown up in Nurburg, it was perhaps inevitable that Schmitz’s career would be built on her success at the Nurburgring. Besides her sporting feats there, she was a driver of the ‘Ring Taxi’ for many years, and estimated she had completed more than 30,000 laps of the circuit.

Schmitz also made two guest appearances in the World Touring Car Championship at the Nurburgring, recording two points finishes in 2015 and 2016.

The Nürburgring has lost its most famous female racing driver,” the track wrote on social media. “Sabine Schmitz passed away far too early after a long illness. We will miss her and her cheerful nature. Rest in peace Sabine!”

In 2017, Schmitz revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer, and despite efforts to make a return to racing in 2020, she said it had returned in “full force” and was proving “extremely persistent”.

Schmitz was best-known to British motorsport fans through her appearances on Top Gear at the Nurburgring, where she coached Jeremy Clarkson in a feature at the circuit before attempting to beat his lap time in a Ford Transit van. She went on to become one of the recurring hosts of Top Gear in 2016.

“Terrible news about Sabine Schmitz,” wrote Clarkson on social media. “Such a sunny person and so full of beans.”

Ride Log 12 166km

Well it started off as just a commute to wotk which was fine, just very hot and humid. No cars tried to kill me, it just went relatively smoothly, just hot and sweaty.

Come to the ride home and yep, still good, not as hot, reasonable wind so overall not to bad. With only a handful of kilometres before home it happened, the heavens opened and fuck me it was on. I have never experienced so much rain like that before. I aquaplaned twice almost losing control in both instances, I couldn’t believe I got it so wrong, or was I just very lucky to get home. FrankTriple

Today 166km Total 1257km

Ride Log 11 107km

This time I was in need of something different. South was the way to go,and so I did. Shell Cove Marina which is still under construction was my destination with hopefully a great pic in mind. Not quite what happened though because I thought the construction was further along then what I found, so a really cool pic amongst the marina did not work out.

Looking back to Bass Point Reserve, old coal loader way in the background

I did find another spot that’s was bang on, so I did take some pics and then ride on. I took the long way home as always but I did forget about riding through Albion Park on a Sunday afternoon packed with day trippers returning from down the coast, a traffic nightmare and for me kilometres upon kilometres of filtering through it all. Hoping that no car was going to make a last minute lane change. Made it, no incidents, straight onto the freeway.

That’s when I decided that the Devil needed to open up and breathe which we did, the rest of the ride was mainly freeway, from Albion Park all the way to Bulli Tops before turning around and heading for home, but with a quick lap around Wollongong Beach just to have a good look at the afternoon proceedings, good day, great weather, awsome fun. FrankTriple ✌🏍

Today 107km Total 1091km